Grade 7

Grade 7 girls are our most senior group of Primary School girls, and as such, hold responsibility and respect in our Clarendon Primary sisterhood. Grade 7 girls take on positions of authority and leadership through our innovative programme – Leadership and Management training (LMT). This programme replaces the traditional “prefect” system which many traditional schools still use. Clarendon Primary School embarked on a whole-school research analysis, and the findings showed that although girls were voted in as prefects, both the voters and the prefects knew very little about
leadership, role-modelling and management practice. We now prepare girls to lead, in whatever field they choose, by understanding what leadership is about, learning about leadership theory, interrogating leaders in our society and practising management strategies (class lessons). The committees girls serve on, are headed by teachers who share leadership responsibility on the School Management Team and in other facets of school life. Committee activities allow girls to practice the theory they have learnt in LMT lessons. The best way to learn is by using the theory in practice and
then reflecting, and this is precisely the philosophy Clarendon Primary follows in preparing our girls to be empowered, fierce leadership in the future.

The Grade 7 Committees are:
House Committees (Ketchen, Gittins, Hunter)
Public Relations Committee
Wellness Committee
Environmental Committee
Library Committee
Health/Phoenix Committee
Music/Hall Committee
Sports Committee
IT/Media Committee
Outreach Committee 
Some of the highlights of the Grade 7 year include:– Interactions with our brothers at Selborne Primary (discos, socials and educational activities)
– The Grade 7 Mothers and Daughters farewell tea
– Grade 7 Farewell Assembly
– Grade 7 Subject meetings with parents and portfolio conferences (girls and parents)
– Market Day – culminating girls creativity with EMS subject material (very popular)
– Various school outings for educational (and fun) purposes (for example beach outings, Jonginenge)
– National Benchmark Examinations
– Various English, Mathematics and Accounting Olympiads
– ELFEST drama
– School Play (alternating years)
– Children’s Day – interactions with our Prep school baby sisters and our Selborne brothers 

Grade 7 teachers:

7A – Mrs Sharon Cox
7B – Mrs Patty Alers
7C – Mrs Anneen Schoombee (Grade Head)
7D – Mrs Karen Peinke