Our Grade 6 girls form part of the “big sister” component of our Clarendon Primary School family. Grade 6’s spend their year very focused on academic growth and development as they complete the Intermediate Phase curriculum. It is the final year of the Singapore Mathematics curriculum, which sets our girls up to soar through the Senior Phase. They also participate in national examinations (Language and Mathematics) and they enjoy lots of social interactions with our brothers at Selborne Primary School. Personally, the Grade 6 year is a year of much change for our girls’ physically and emotionally, and Clarendon Primary prides itself on a superb support system through the Counselling Unit and the Education Support staff. A team of incredible teachers make the Grade 6 year a memorable adventure for our young ladies.

Some of the highlights of the Grade 6 year include:

  • Interactions with our brothers at Selborne Primary (discos, socials and educational activities)
  • Planning and managing the Grade 7 Mothers and Daughters’ tea
  • Grade 6 Portfolio Conferences (girls and parents)
  • Various school outings for educational (and fun) purposes (for example, the Lekkeroord beach outing)
  • The Dassie Trail
  • National Benchmark Examinations
  • Toastmasters Competition
  • Fun with Words; SACEE language challenges
  • ELFEST drama
  • School Play (alternating years)
  • Children’s Day – interactions with our Prep school baby sisters and our Selborne brothers

Grade 6 teachers:IMG_5039
6A – Mrs Rose Wood (GRADE HEAD)
6B – Mrs Ona Coetser
6C – Ms Steph Fouche
6D – Ms Nolene Dixon



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