Grade 5 girls are well-integrated into the Clarendon Primary family. It is in this year where Grade 5 girls get the treat of being part of our CREATIVE/FLEXIBLE learning spaces – classrooms are transformed into C21st century, “learning-for-life” spaces. All desks and chairs are on wheels, and classrooms transform into collaborative and integrated learning spaces in a matter of seconds. Although we are planning to transform all classrooms in the future, it is Grade 5 girls who get this treat first. Our team of exceptionally talented teachers upgrade their skills to provide Grade 5 girls with cutting-edge education. We continue with Singapore Mathematics and girls are part of the 1:1 iPad programme on a daily basis (bringing their own iPad to school daily).

Some of the highlights of the Grade 5 year include:

  • Interactions with our brothers at Selborne Primary
  • Grade 5 Portfolio Conferences (girls and parents)
  • Fun with Words; SACEE language challenges
  • ELFEST drama
  • School Play (alternative years)
  • Children’s Day – interactions with our Prep school baby sisters and our Selborne brothers
  • Various school outings for educational (and fun) purposes (Aquarium, Museum, Mpongo Park)
  • ‘Meeting’ evenings for Grade 5 parents – protecting your girls online, restricting technology access, empowering yourself as a parent with technology 

Grade 5 teachers:Grade 5

5A – Mrs Lauren Forrester
5B – Mrs Zara Prinsloo
5C – Ms Tessa Boyd
5D – Mrs Anesha Panday (GRADE HEAD)




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