Primary – Academic Curriculum


Clarendon Primary, after years of being on the forefront of education in South Africa, enjoys a high academic standard and a diverse curriculum. Our goal is to enable every pupil to achieve her potential through sound instruction and the development of good learning habits. Class teaching takes place from Grades 4 to 6. Subject teaching is introduced in Grade 7 to prepare our girls for high school. “Setting” in mathematics in Grade 7 ensures that the gifted pupils are extended and those who are experiencing difficulties can be assisted with remedial teaching. The most recent addition to the programme at Clarendon Primary has been that of the GLITS (Girls Learning Innovative Thinking Skills) programme. The aim of the Glits programme is to enrich and extend our academically gifted Grade 7 girls. Seventeen girls were invited to participate in the programme following a rigorous selection process. Glits girls attend two Saturday morning workshops per term and are required to undertake a research project twice a year.

What does our 1:1 iPad integration program involve?  

Our 1:1 iPad program begins at the start of Grade 5, and requires each girl to have access to her own iPad at all times. Our state of the art infrastructure and weekly staff training has allowed integration of technology and curriculum to happen seamlessly.  This program now runs from Grade 5 to Grade 7.


What other ICT happens at Clarendon?

All classrooms throughout the school are equipped with data projectors and Apple TVs so that the world can be brought into the classroom and make learning more alive and real. We have an ICT lab equipped with 29 work stations, as well as an interactive board, where girls have an hour’s lesson a week. Grade 4 – 6 learners also have 6 months of Media lessons where research and iPad skills are developed. The Grade 4’s have a bank of 28 iPads which are used in their Media and class lessons. We make use of Google Apps for Education throughout the school with both girls and staff experiencing the benefits.


We are not only passionate about teaching our girls how to use technology but also about how to use it RESPONSIBLY.  We strive to develop pupils who are able to think for themselves to become independent and successful adults, and believe that the integration of technology is there to support and benefit teaching and learning in the 21st century.