Clarendon Primary School, like its sister schools, focuses on developing the whole child into a lady of influence, strength, compassion and stature. We emphasize the importance of our girls’ individuality, and partner with them to hone their innate skill and value in a values-based educational environment. A wide range of academic, cultural and sporting facilities and programmes enable us to fulfill this intention. Please browse our website to discover our excellent standard in all educational pathways on offer at our school.

The core values of Clarendon are upheld and pursued by teachers, girls and parents, all of whom understand the virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Caring. Clarendon Primary School is 100% a VALUES-DRIVEN educational institution, priding itself on raising strong young women, motivated to care for each other and become world leaders in this digital/information age. Whether in class, on the sports field, in cultural activities, or in the numerous charitable outreaches of the school, these values are reinforced on an ongoing basis.

The Primary School is proud of their ‘Live Right, Grow Bright’ campaign. It consists of 4 facets:

  1. Eat right, Grow bright’– encouraging healthy eating in such a way that it becomes second nature.
  2. ‘Move right, Grow bright’– stimulating optimal brain function through movement.
  3. ‘Read right, Grow bright’ – practising our reading four times a week to improve reading rate and memory.
  4. ‘Act right, Grow bright’– encourage healthy thoughts and actions that promote healthy relationships.

Our school consists of a team of exceptionally dedicated and committed teachers, each motivated to ensure our girls become world leaders in their chosen field. Clarendon Primary strives to create a sisterhood – a powerful, positive environment where we care for each other and we care for the world. Through our various programmes, events and world-class curricular, our girls will be well-equipped to lead in an unpredictable future.

Caring Honesty Respect Responsibilty