Preparatory – Academic Curriculum



This is where all the fun happens! Art, books, music, puzzles, dress up – what more could a little girl ask for? Clarendon Preparatory Pre-primary has two incredibly vibrant learning zones  with a focus on “learning through play”. Girls at this age are naturally curious so challenging their curiosity within the playground and the classroom is key for learning outcomes.

Our girls enjoy many excursions and invited guests which fit in with the various learning themes throughout the year. This can be anything from a hospital  visit, beach adventure or snake interaction.

In 2016 we introduced the NeuroNet program to our Grade R curriculum. This program is practised daily with the girls in an attempt to facilitate learning through simple movements. This program has shown incredible results by using rhythmic speech  in multi-tasking movement exercises.



At this point our Preppies start the formal learning stage of their school careers. Each grade has 4 classes facilitated by a passionate foundation phase teacher. Teachers engage in a hands-on approach to nurture and build competence in each subject.

Clarendon Preparatory is one of only two schools in East London that offers the internationally acclaimed Singapore Mathematics curriculum. The development of number concepts through problem solving affords greater understanding with the use of world class teaching resources and methodology.

Apart from the languages and mathematics syllabus, our classroom activities cover drama, technology, music, physical education and art. Preppies also enjoy various off-site learning experiences.

Remedial academic support is offered to children who require small more focused academic assistance.