Preparatory – Academic Curriculum


Our integrated curriculum upholds the framework set by the Department of Basic Education. The curriculum is designed for application in the today’s ever-changing world. It is also envisaged to encourage pupils to harness their individual physical, mental, emotional, moral and social capabilities. This development occurs through the medium of an age-appropriate, caring and safe environment that affords girls the opportunity to “take risks”, allowing for the idea that correcting mistakes is part of any education process.

The teaching approach is hands-on, nurturing and building competence in Languages and mathematics. A worthy example of this is the introduction of “Dramary” at the Prep, where English, research skills and Drama merge effectively allowing creative thinking and expression in lessons. This enables our students to find their unique ability to express themselves, and provides a platform for the performing arts from a very young age.

Clarendon Preparatory is one of only two schools in East London that offers the internationally acclaimed Singapore Mathematics curriculum. The development of number concepts through problem solving affords greater understanding with the use of world class teaching resources and methodology.



The latest technology and teaching methods are implemented to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of a digital world. All girls have access to two iPad banks with data projectors and interactive white boards in all classes.

There are four teachers per grade and we offer remedial academic support as well as assessment by a school psychologist. Our music and play therapist attends to the emotional needs of Preppies.

There are four qualified music teachers providing music to all students to inculcate a love for music and musical appreciation from 4 years of age. At a later stage in Foundation Phase, recorder, piano, percussion, marimba and choir are opportunities for girls to display their musical talent.