High – Cultural



Chess Club: The game of Chess develops critical and tactical thinking, planning skills, and the ability to consider the consequences of one’s decisions. Clarendon participates in the schools’ league as well as Derby Days.

Choir: Girls are encouraged to join the large, active and accomplished choir.
De Novo Serenata is the select Chamber Choir.
De Je Vu is the Barbershop quartet that sings acapella.

The Clarion: A publication “for the girls, by the girls” is compiled by Grade 11 and 12 pupils. A new edition of the publication is released each term. For those interested in organization, journalism, writing and editing, participation in this programme is a must.

Cultural Society: This society brings out the best of all the cultures that bring South Africa together as a rainbow nation.

Debating: For the leaders of tomorrow, Debating encourages pupils to develop convincing presentations and encourages the development of public speaking skills that require you to think on your feet.

Environmental Society: For those who are passionate about our environment and the sustainability of the planet.

Forum Discussion: Two major Forum Discussions take place each year:
1. The SACEE Inter High Schools Contest
2. The Smulder’s Trophy discussion
These discussions involve a range of topics that cover anything from abstract philosophical issues to current affairs.

General Knowledge Club: Members are encouraged to be up-to-date with the affairs of the world around them.

Interact: This provides girls with the opportunity to offer their services to the community in a spirit of giving back to others.

SCA (Student Christian Association): For a youthful approach to Christianity as a lifestyle rather than a religion.

HSA (Hindu Students Society): Focus on all aspects of Hinduism. Each year, they adopt a charitable organisation.

Subject or Co-curricular music: Lessons for piano, cello, clarinet, flute, drums, classic guitar, percussion, recorder saxophone, violin and voice are on offer.

Pet Pals: This raises awareness of the conditions in which animals live and actively assists in improving conditions for these animals through fund-raising and food donations.

President’s Award: Clarendon girls participate in the national President’s Award Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

Pupils Forum: To address suggestions, requests and enquiries from the girls. This initiative allows the entire school to be heard thus embracing a democratic community.

Women’s Forum: Girls discuss the issues we are faced with as modern women. The Forum encourages girls to see opportunities and teaches them how to handle challenges.

Moms’ and Teachers’ Prayer Group: A prayer group that meets weekly to pray for the pupils at the school.