Clarendon Sports’ Trust


Mission Statement

The Clarendon Sports’ Trust is the vehicle through which Parents, Teachers, Past Pupils and the greater Clarendon Community facilitate the sustainable development of sporting facilities and excellence within the three Clarendon Schools.



The first project the CLARENDON SPORTS’ TRUST, together with the three schools, embarked on, was the HOCKEY ASTROTURF. Construction commenced on the 15 September 2014 and was completed in March 2015. The Trust appointed SynSport – Bob Merriweather as the main contractor. They in turn have sub – contracted Synaco Consulting Engineers and Roberts Brothers to do the civils.



  • Parent Supporters scroll to be displayed in the Dugout – cash donation.
  • Past Pupils Supporters Scroll to be displayed in the Dugout – cash donation.
  • Advertising board around the Astroturf, on the grandstand, technical building and floodlights.

Contact person:   Tony Rushton – 082 781 7280

  • We need the help of parents in the following areas of expertise: building/construction, signage, catering industries or if you are prepared to give of your time.
  • Support the Fathers’ Club on Derby Days.  Contact person:  Chris Patrick – 082 339 3787

Do not miss out on the wonderful opportunity to contribute to

our schools and the Clarendon community.

We have already had fantastic sponsorship support from:

Powerade, NFB, Refresh, Glacier (Suzanne Pope), Adviceworx (Craig Strydom and Grant van Heerden), Gilbert Marketing (Baden Gilbert), Jumbo (Alan Scheckter), Schroeder family, Rushton family, Smale and Partners Architects (Jed Webber) and Clarence, Bobie and Partners Quantity Surveyors (Roger Tarr) have given their professional service free of charge. bank-details